The best life is a simple and fulfilled one

The hainichhöfe are located directly next to the World Heritage Site the national park Hainich. Surrounded by wonderful nature and only a few meters away from fascinating beech forests they are situated on a low hill in Thuringia. Here you are able to become one with the untouched nature and unplug for a while in one of the pleasant Chalets.

It is completely trivial whether you are searching for a quiet space to think or the perfect place to exercise outside or if just you want to experience the culture and people of this region firsthand – the hainichhöfe are the perfect place for everyone to relax and escape their hectic day to day life for a while.

Holidays of pure relaxation. Arrive. Breathe. Stay.

Already the first step into the Chalets will make you feel at ease: comfortable silence, pleasant warmth and a relaxing atmosphere. Due to an open living space, a fully equipped kitchen, a private spa-area and cozy armchairs in front of the fireplace the log cabins are a beautiful destination to just enjoy life. We don’t define luxury by money but by nature, time for ourselves and our loved ones. And with the hainichhöfe luxury is as easy as it gets.


Mankind feels the way it builds.

The first six Chalets, completely made of wood, were opened in September 2015 and every one of them provides space for four persons. Sustainability was something that mattered to us since the very beginning, hence we almost exclusively used regional materials for the cabins.

Ground plan


Natural, likable and at ease. The hainichhöfe are a place where everyone is welcomed with an open heart and our aim is to bring joy to the people. We’d love to surprise you with small delicacies that we buy from regional farms and companies or make ourselves and hope that you are just as starstruck by our Hainichland as we are. We assure that, with all the wonderful features and insiders, you will definitely enjoy yourself here.

A warm welcome and a good time in our region wish Claudia, Maria, Konny, Robert & Carsten


How to find us:

We are privileged to live at the “gate” to the Hainich that begins not even ten meters behind the Chalets at the Fuchsfarm. This gate stands open at day and night for everyone who is curious as what to find behind it.

Our address: Ihlefelder Straße, 99991 Unstrut-Hainich OT Mülverstedt

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The hainichhöfe, close to the Fuchsfarm, are located just few kilometers away from Mülverstedt and Weberstedt next to the northeastern access to the Hainich. From the hill where the hainichhöfe are you can see Bad Langensalza and Mühlhausen located in the Thüringer Becken. The meadow right next to the national park guarantees complete silence and great distance to any other buildings. Here, you feel free and completely relaxed in the silence that could not be more lively. An ethereal place. An ethereal piece of land.

Value increase

We might have set a quite ambitious goal there.

Not only have we decided on the flexible yet unusual concept of the solid wood module but chose to use as many regional materials and services as possible. We asked preferably partners and companies from the Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis or at least in Thuringia for help.

The long search and many efforts were worth it since we can proudly say that 90% of the hainichhöfe were built and made in Thuringia and the majority of the rest comes from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. That’s why we’d love to present our very engaged partners. A great thank you to: